The year was 2016. David Berge and Michael J Nelson looked around and said, "everyone else has a podcast, why not us?" Thus, Like Trees Walking was born.

The name is a somewhat obscure reference to a two-stage healing miracle of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. In this passage Jesus first spits on a blind man's eyes and asks him if he can see. The man answers, "I see people, they look like trees walking around." Jesus then lays hands on the man and his sight is fully restored.

The name of our podcast is taken from this passage and points to the fallibility of our own perspectives. It's not to say that we can't see anything, but it is our desire to engender in the conversations on the big questions of faith, life, morality, and existence a certain epistemic humility that often seems to be lacking. We want people to think about how they see the world, examining the lenses they wear that shape their view of reality. Also, the story itself is kind of funny and weird, we are also kind of funny and weird.

Ours is an unabashedly Christian perspective. Like the blind man in the passage we believe that through an encounter with Jesus we can all see the world itself more clearly. That being said, we hope that listeners of all stripes - people of faith or none at all - will find our conversations thoughtful, intelligent, charitable, winsome, and humorous.

Thank you for listening. We really hope you enjoy it! If you do, please rate and review us on iTunes. That really, really helps.